About Us
We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the world.

Spaghetti Networks is the leading provider of holistic, sophisticated, secure, and cost-effective IT solutions on-demand. A locally owned and operated company in the Greater Bay Area that was established in 2001, Spaghetti Networks solves the IT support and infrastructure problems of business – small and large – giving them the freedom to focus on other essential aspects. 

Offering a full suite of IT support services, ranging from network designs and cloud services to home office and video surveillance, we empower businesses and fuel their growth. 

everything we do is shaped by

Our Values


To foster greater collaboration and develop meaningful relationship, we go the extra-mile to effectively communicate.


Alone, we can only go so far, together the sky is the limit to what we can achieve. This is precisely why we work as a team, learn, share, and co-create to reach business-wide goals.


Nothing is more important to us than trust. Hence, we leave no stone unturned in nurturing and developing trust with sincerity, compassion, confidence, and clarity. 


Change is the only certainty in this digital era. We remain agile and invest in research and development to continually evolve and remain a step ahead. 

Customer Centricity

At the core of our business operations is the commitment to always delight clients, exceeding expectations. 

IT Solutions in the Bay Area
Network Design

Your network should be fast, secure and tailored to fit your needs and constraints 

● Network and Appliance support 
● Easily work remotely 
● Server management 
● Virtualization 
● Network infrastructure wiring 
● Designs allowing for long term growth
● Maintaining network documentation 

Cloud Services

Reduce infrastructure costs as well as increase resource mobility and availability 

● Access control 
● Cloud backups 
● Hosted email services 
● VOIP phone services 
● Cloud file sharing 
● Web hosting and domain services 
● Software as a service 

Home Office

Equip and secure your home environment with business grade infrastructure at affordable prices

● Update hardware and software 
● Optimize network configurations 
● Enhance network security 
● Audio and video installation 
● Mobile home automation 
● Home consultation 
● High speed internet

Video Surveillance

Protect your premises with our custom tailored surveillance systems

● Designs security parameters 
● Product procurement and deployment 
● Video monitoring
● Video analytics 
● Backup and recovery plan

Security & Recovery

Providing best-in-class network security and disaster recovery services 

● Secure firewalls and infrastructure 
● Industry leading endpoint protection and encryption 
● Backup and Disaster Recovery 
● Business Continuity

Let us help you scale & grow your business.
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